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Bambu Lab Recalls The New A1 3D Printer Due To A Problem With Cable Damage

Bambu Lab, a 3D printing business, has mandated a recall for its most recent product, the A1. The business stated on its blog that the connections connecting the heated bed to the printer’s main body may have been harmed in certain of its A1 models. This damage has the potential to start a fire, and in one instance that was addressed on the Bambu Forum, it resulted in both machine burns and a power outage at the user’s house. In the blog article, Bambu Lab listed many possible causes for this problem. 

We should have improved the strain relief (SR) design to prevent any damage to the cable. Several factors have been found by our analysis as potential causes of this damage:

  • Rough treatment of the cargo during transit, such as dumping it in a way that damages the cable’s root.
  • The printer’s weight will be centered on the cables’ roots during installation if the base is positioned vertically on the work surface with the wired side attached to the bottom, which might result in damage.
  • Following installation, there is an accidental external force effect on the cable’s base on the printer base.

Two Different Solutions Have Been Put Forward By Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab has proposed two different fixes for this problem. You may fill out a form to have the damaged machine mailed back and a new one sent out if your cable is damaged. You can determine whether it is by looking at the squeezed-in shape of the cable near the printer base. You should cease using your A1 cable right away and complete the form as soon as you discover damage to it. Nobody likes to see their printer burn to the ground.

You may 3D print a cable protector to connect to your A1 and help shield your cable from kinking if your printer shows no indications of damage but you’re still concerned.