Lenovo Could Come Up With The World’s Original Transparent Laptop

Renowned tech leaker Evan Blass has given a hint of the world’s first transparent laptop. The concept appears quite refreshing and may be this is the top device to watch out for at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024.

The annual conference of the Consumer Technology Association (CES) this year in Las Vegas in the second week of January saw a big event surrounding transparent technology, especially televisions. LG came up with a transparent wireless, OLED TV while Samsung also displayed its micro-LED TV, also transparent.

But it appears that Lenovo is set to dive head first into the transparent technology pool at the MWC this year scheduled for the last week of February. Rumors suggest it could reveal the see-through laptop at the event.

Leaked images two weeks before the event have given a glimpse of what the laptop looks like as it is unveiled at the mega event in the Catalan city of Barcelona in Spain. At an initial glance, the device appears as a normal laptop. But a thorough examination revealed that the display becomes fully see-through once it is switched off.

Details Of The Lenovo Transparent Laptop Not Revealed

There are no bezels on the display and even the laptop’s hinge area is virtually transparent as well.  The keyboard has been replaced and, in its place, a clear glass touchscreen has been used. The keys are virtual instead of regular ones.

The bottom half will be non-transparent. That includes the framework and also a strip that is just under the display at the spot where the ‘Thinkbook’ tag is positioned. From the sneak preview, some of the details are not apparent. The kind of ports fitted to the latest innovation from Lenovo are not visible in the sneak preview.

The same goes for the software and hardware specifications. And unless Lenovo reveals details before the MCW 2024, we will have to wait for the event to finally clear our curiosity.