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Callisto Protocol Trailer Looks Amazing

Callisto Protocol

We recently saw the debut trailer for The Callisto Protocol, which gave us a better idea of what to anticipate in terms of gameplay and story, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

With a deeper look into the game’s story and a broader sense of context, developer Striking Distance Studios has undoubtedly created something that many people would compare to developer Visceral Games‘ Dead Space. However, with a new survival horror understanding that seems to be differentiating itself in all the right ways.

Callisto Protocol Trailer Is Out 

Callisto Protocol’s main character, Jacob Lee (voiced by actor Josh Duhamel), crashes lands on Jupiter’s lifeless moon Callisto in the year 2320 and is then instantly captured. A viral outbreak has wiped out the bulk of the moon’s population, leaving Jacob and a few other survivors struggling to escape the terrible Black Iron Prison and the sick adversaries that are still confined inside as soon as he wakes up behind bars.

As far as we can tell, this feels like a very unique story direction that emphasizes the humanity behind the terror rather than the isolation and atmospheric tension that had previously driven Dead Space‘s storyline. It is further supported by a fiery new song from Kings Elliot, which we are also absolutely liking.

Although we had already seen some Callisto Protocol gameplay in earlier previews, this game’s gameplay feels very dramatic while still being explosive and fast-paced. While traveling dark passages and enduring random jump scares will undoubtedly induce some survival terror, at least we now know that we will be able to use a variety of melee and ranged weapons as well as special skills.