Car Thing From Spotify Debuts, But Limited To Select Few In US

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    Car Thing, the first physical gadget from Spotify, has arrived. It is a device designed for cars controlled by the voice and exclusively for Spotify. The dedicated device which connects over Bluetooth removes the requirement for any phone screens. The device is apparently created for older models of cars that do not come with infotainment systems or connections for phones.

    The Present Situation For Car Thing

    Car Thing currently, however, is only having a limited release. As such, the device is not available freely for purchase on the market. What can be done is get on the waitlist and hold on to the hope that Spotify calls you. For now, only customers residing in the US as well as having Spotify premium are qualified for the device. Once chosen, Car Thing will be given free of charge but Spotify will charge the shipping costs.

    Car Thing is amazingly lightweight and small. It has two buttons that are prominent on its front and its profile is thin. The smaller button is the back button while the larger knob is for interacting with the information on the screen. The device does not come with any speakers so basically, it is a remote for Spotify.

    Reviews have determined that controlling via voice is intuitive and quite easy when it comes to using it. The device will come with its own bright screen that will face the driver. However, the voice commands can feel like taking longer than just tapping on the phone. The positive shine of the device comes when the device was asked to play playlists, which it understood seamlessly.

    The device pairs with mobile via Bluetooth and uses the phone’s data connection for streaming. For now, Spotify has clarified that the device cannot limit itself to downloaded content only. The device can be connected to the car’s speakers through auxiliary cables or Bluetooth.

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