Quest 2 Update Brings An Update To Its Office Mode

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    The Oculus Quest 2 update for its software has come after quite a few months of being comparatively quiet. The VR unit of Facebook has shared a few details on what the new software update will be bringing to the standalone headsets.

    Overview Of The Quest 2 Update

    The Quest 2 update includes wireless support for Oculus Link, a functionality for “Infinite Office”, as well as upcoming support for 120Hz. The Quest 2 update is numbered v28. However, there has been no specific time frame for when the update will come. Though, the blog post’s words signal that the Quest 2 update is imminent.

    The biggest addition is possibly the Oculus Link’s wireless version. This will enable streaming content directly from the user’s PCs to the standalone Oculus Quest 2 headset. As such, more titles that are graphics-intensive and exclusively available for the Rift can now be played on the headset. The feature is called Air Link.

    The “Infinite Office” is another new feature that is coming to the Quest 2. It is a virtual reality office play aimed at bringing the mouse and keyboard into the user’s VR. As such, users can engage with software as if sitting at a desktop. The feature was debuted by Facebook back in their conference called Facebook Connect.

    The Quest 2 update adds keyboard support that will let users see the device inside VR. For now, only Logitech’s K830 is supported. As such, users should be theoretically able to type on this virtual keyboard using their hands’ silhouette. The feature will help users point out the location of the desk in the real world and help them in orienting themselves.

    Finally, the Quest 2 update is also going to allow developers to sample frame rates of 120 Hz for titles. Facebook claims that currently there is no software available that runs at that frame rate. The update is slated to be rolled out gradually.

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