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Sims 5 Could Be Free To Play

A particularly magical video game franchise is The Sims. Anyone who has ever played it has probably had dozens of stories about the strange and fantastic things they’ve done over the course of time, whether it be romancing the Grim Reaper or taking down the pool ladder while a helpless, unaware Sim is swimming. It has amassed over 70 million players in that time, which is quite impressive. The game turning fully free-to-play this past year will undoubtedly have contributed to this. 

According to Sims Community, it appears that EA may have unintentionally disclosed that the upcoming Sims 5 game, Project Rene, will also be free to play. ‘Head of monetization and marketplace for Project Rene’ is the title of a new position that was discovered on the Maxis careers page. Fans noticed something quite intriguing in the job description while it was available, but the listing has since been taken down from the website. 

Sims 5 Rumor Has Not Been Confirmed

According to reports, some of the Sims 5 roles’ responsibilities included “owning pricing of every item in this free-to-enter game, guaranteeing we maintain an optimal price point and content architecture,” as well as “owning Project Rene’s in-game marketplace of content and [user-generated content] (free and paid) and managing a data-informed player-centric player buying journey – maximizing value to players, optimizing player spend patterns, and minimizing player churn.”

So it appears that Project Rene will be free to commence if everything said above is true. It appears that EA intends to make money instead through DLC, which is essentially how The Sims 4 works right now. EA has not yet made the Sims 5 information official.