Facebook Has Hit A Major Target In Limiting Climate Pollution

Social networking giant Facebook announced recently that it has managed to exceed one of the company’s largest environmental goals. The greenhouse gases emitted have been slashed by as much as 94% in the previous year.

The Positive Achievements Of Facebook

Facebook had earlier promised to cut down 75% of emissions that heat the planet. The company also claimed that net emissions produced were zero, another one of its goals. It means that Facebook has not emitted any more gases than it takes out.

Another goal was achieved according to Facebook. It currently covers one hundred percent of the company’s global operations with renewable energy. This includes the firm’s data centers and offices. However, this also does not mean that every operation is run on solar, wind, or other types of renewable energy. Not yet, anyhow.

Currently, there is a rise in the popularity of renewable energy. However, fossil fuels are still the power source for many electric grids. When companies fail to acquire the required amounts of renewable energy for lack of supply, they purchase certificates for renewable energy. These certify that the firm invested in projects for renewable energy somewhere else.

Facebook also similarly relies on such certificates. However, the firm focuses on acquiring contracts that are long-term and builds new wind and solar energy facilities in the places where the firm operates. Until now, 63 new projects have been funded by the company and they are all situated in its data center’s electrical grids.

The next goal is to emit net zero by the start of the next decade for the company’s complete chain of supply. The emissions also include indirect ones such as those produced by employees traveling and commuting. The company has also introduced new guidelines that should keep an eye on misinformation regarding climate change.