Fortnite Season 6 Will Take Players To The Land Before Time

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    The brand new season in the Epic Games’ video game Fortnite is about to begin. Fortnite Season 6 is set to explore the game’s narrative even further. The battle royale has already incorporated real-life events into its story.

    Season 5 ended with the spectacular “Zero Crisis Finale”. The conclusion also ended Chapter 1 of the game. The new chapter, called “Primal”, is going to begin this new season. It will also feature a brand new biome. The biome has a prehistoric theme.

    What To Expect From Fortnite Season 6

    On entering Fortnite Season 6, players will be shown a short trailer of what they can expect. The video features an “Agent Jonesy”. The player will have the perspective of helping the character rescue reality. It is action-filled and is sure to excite the viewer.

    The upcoming setting consists of a huge spire right at the map’s center. This point is also exactly where the season-ending zero-point explosion had taken place. The map will also feature a village among other new and varied landmarks surrounding the spire. These are replacements for the alien desert of the previous season.

    Even more addition to the gameplay is that players can now come across live animals on the map. They range from dangerous wolves to seemingly harmless frogs. Players can now also build rudimentary weapons along with the fortifications that are a trademark of the game.

    The season pass offers the usual in-game customizations. This one includes Agent Jones, Raz, and the “Spire Assassin”. Lara Croft, Neymar, and Raven, the Teen Titans character, feature as Fortnite season 6’s real-life cameos.

    Fortnite’s last season was the most spectacular yet with tie-ins with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the hit TV series The Mandalorian. There is also a crossover comic event with Batman coming up.

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