Logitech Ear Buds G333 Comes With Nifty Adapter

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    There is a new model of Logitech Ear Buds available on the market, and they feature a very special trait. Named the G333, the earbuds are unassuming in design. However, the package includes an adapter to support USB-C connections.

    The Logitech Ear Buds are completely unassuming in design. They have a normal flat cable which includes a mic and a remote, all inline. It also has the usual 3.5mm jack. However, a further adapter is provided that can convert the 3.5mm jack into a USB-C connector.

    Features of the Logitech Ear Buds

    With some phones and devices lacking the usual headphone jack, this model provides one of the best options. A host of devices like the Nintendo Switch, Pixel 3, as well as MacBook Pro, all work seamlessly with the adapter. The box also includes two extra silicone buds of other sizes. A handy fabric carrying case also comes free of cost inside the box.

    The Logitech Ear Buds look the same as its other $50 variants: the Astro A03 and the G333 VR. The G333 VR is also officially approved for use with the Oculus Quest 2. However, the other two do not feature the adapter, so this is the best option by far, at the same price. The internal mechanism of the three appears to be identical, featuring dual dynamic drivers. This was proven by the similar levels of performance among the three models.

    The Logitech Ear Buds are quite impressive given the price. The bass does not interfere with the sound, however, the earbuds themselves can be quite slippery. The Ear Buds will come in three colors. The featured silver and light purple along with a black and blue one and a dark purple and neon yellow variant.

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