Galaxy A52 Review: A Durable Long-Lasting Phone!

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    While this phone is not one of the cheapest in the market, the Galaxy A52 is a very durable phone. The Galaxy A52 phone is somewhere between a phone of $100 and a phone of $1000. The phone is really good and is an amazing device. This superphone appears to be one of the most high-specced phones inside the Galaxy series of budget A. These phones are coming to the US in 2021. 

    More Details About The Features Of Galaxy A52

    The phone provides all the normal and basic features along with some good extras with its price tag of $499. Its screen, having a length of 6.5 inches, is released with a very fast refresh rate of 120 Hz which one cannot find at this price range. The main camera of the device includes stabilization of optical image, which is absent even in the costly OnePlus 9. 

    The Galaxy A52 has the rate of IP67 waterproof marking. There is still one headphone jack at this price range. Still, this phone is not a flagship phone. There are a lot of costs to be cut. The back panel and frame of the device are plastic. There is an amazing matte finish present on the backside of the phone. The telephoto is absent in its ultrawide and wide cameras. There is a nice depth sensor and digital zoom with one macro camera. 

    Samsung Galaxy A52 already has monthly updates of its OS listed currently. The company has also promised major OS updates of Android and some amount of security support. This will go on for 4 years. People can get the maximum out of the amount they have invested in this Galaxy phone.

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