Nier Replicant Comes With A Fascinating Gameplay And Storyline

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    A modern update has come into the cult RPG, in the form of Nier Replicant. It is flawed but a fascinating game. It is about this shape-shifter. You might think that this is just a simple role-playing action game inside a fantasy bleak universe. But it is more than that! 

    The game shifts in both play style and tone. It is both heartbreaking, weird, playful, and frustrating. The new release is the 2nd chance for this game series that launched its first game in 2010 when it couldn’t reach out to a large audience. However, now it comes with updated modern tastes. It is a little bit different than most games.

    The game might require a little bit of patience from the gamers. But, behind this clunky gameplay, Nier Replicant has a lot more to offer. The Nier title first became famous in 2017 when Yoko Taro, director, and PlatinumGames released Nier: Automata, an action RPG. It was a big hit in 2017.

    It was played by over 5 million gamers because of its downright absurdity, haunting storytelling, and tight action. The new game has a fitting but awkward title. The new game is not an exact remake. It is more of an upgraded version where the rough edges from the original version have been smoothed off. 

    Background Story Of Nier Replicant

    It is quite difficult to explain this game. The story begins in the future, where humanity is getting decimated by a plague of some kind. Then, the timeline shifts into the future by 1000 years when the planet has become unrecognizable. It has changed quite a bit since. Amidst that, you can find post-apocalyptic traditional landscape elements such as the ruins left behind from societies. However, Nier takes place inside a realm filled with big swords, monsters, magic, and fantasy.

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