Google, Apple, And Other Big Firms Are Suing USPTO

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    Apple Inc, Google LLC, Cisco Systems Inc, and others may file a lawsuit against the USPTO. 

    Even if the AI-based capabilities in Bing improve its usage, that partnership and Google’s ownership over Android and Chrome may make it tough for Microsoft to win market share in search.

    Google also owns Chrome and Android, which together account for around 71% and 65% of the phone and browsing markets, respectively. To put it another way, Google is set as the primary search engine on the great majority of cell phones worldwide.

    Google And Apple Are Fighting For Trademark Rights

    Requests for comment from representatives of the other plaintiffs were not immediately fulfilled. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has hailed the introduction of ChatGPT within Bing as a “new day” for search. He made it apparent that the firm wants to rekindle the search war between it and other search engines. He wants people may find answers to their queries without having to go through a long list of links.

    But an important point that has been left out of the discussion is the fact that Google has solidified its dominance in search in part by holding onto important distribution channels. The business pays Apple approximately $15 billion per year to serve as the preferred search engine for over 1 billion iPhones as well as other Apple products in use worldwide. In a recent article, the New York Times reported that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the Obama administration violated the law by failing to prosecute several high-profile cases.

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