Dead Island 2 Is Filled With Gore

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    Since Dead Island 2’s initial announcement almost ten years ago, the game has been in and out of the spotlight due to delays, a restart of the development, studio changes, and other factors. As a result, it has been an incredible surprise to play the video game and discover that, due to Dambuster Studios, we may be holding something of a game-changer.

    To learn what to expect when Dead Island 2 officially launches later this April, publisher Deep Silver gave us a lengthy peek into the initial few hours of the eagerly anticipated sequel.

    Dead Island 2 Is The Perfect Sequel

    What we discovered in Dead Island 2 was a lot more intricately developed world than we could have imagined, complete with environmental storytelling, amazing gore mechanisms that perfectly complemented the intense melee combat, and much more extensive character personalization and build construction.

    As one of the six unlockable characters, each with unique base stats that may influence how you play the game, you will be able to explore the streets of what was once Los Angeles, including opulent mansions of the rich and famous, Hollywood’s storied film studios, grand resorts, and much more.

    We enjoyed this because of the way it is built up, which allowed the makers to load every location with not only entertaining situations and interactions but also the feeling that each one is unique and well-designed. Loot appears to be more suited to telling environmental stories rather than being left to chance and random number generators.

    With the nearly 8 hours we were able to play, it appears that the planet is divided into larger districts. The backroads you move down really make sense for their intended locations, hotels sound right, and mansions seem lived in. Except for the fact that they are boarded up, barricaded, and covered with blood and gore, they all appear and feel like genuine places.

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