Google Chrome

Google Chrome Will Write Reviews and Organize Tabs Using an Experimental AI Feature

In a news release on Tuesday, Google Chrome announced the addition of new experimental AI capabilities that are intended to improve the organization of your online web surfing experience.  Users can enable several Experimental AI capabilities from the Settings page beginning with Google Chrome version M121. One example of this is Tab Groups, which lets you automatically arrange tabs into different groups. Right-click on a tab and choose Organize Similar Tabs to accomplish this. According to Google Chrome, the functionalities will be available over the next few days. Chrome may need to restart for the Experimental AI capabilities to function. Similar to the generative AI wallpapers on the Pixel 8, another Chrome AI capability enables AI to build bespoke themes. Open a new tab and select Customize Chrome from the menu in the lower-right corner of the screen to activate. There must be another option to Create using AI after selecting Change theme.

Google Chrome Will Soon Be Able To Assist In Writing Creatives

Google Chrome emphasizes AI, or generative technology, which can produce original text, code, photos, and videos with only a few easy commands. This is evident in Chrome’s new AI features. Following the widespread popularity of ChatGPT, which debuted in late 2022, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and almost all other large tech companies have been attempting to leverage AI to enhance their portfolio of products and services. CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg stated that the goal of his firm is to develop general AI, which is a more sophisticated form of artificial intelligence. Big Tech is engaged in a talent battle as a result, with some reorganization and layoffs linked to AI reprioritization. Tech companies are determined to dominate the generative AI field, which is not surprising given that McKinsey estimates the technology may produce up to $4.4 trillion in revenue. 

With the aid of generative AI, Google Chrome will soon be able to assist you in writing evaluations of restaurants and other prose in addition to Tab Groups and AI themes.