Google Pixel 7a Could Have A 90 Hz Display, Better Camera, And Wireless Charging

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    One of the main criticisms of the Google Pixel 6a, which was launched in May, was that it lacked a high-refresh-rate display. It appears that the web engine has taken note of this criticism, as recent online rumors claim that the Pixel 7a will include a FullHD+ 90Hz screen made by Samsung.

    Developer Kuba Wojciechowski made this discovery after searching via the lens drivers and discovering that the Google Pixel 7a’s camera arrangement is referred to as the “Pixel 22 Mid-range.” GN1, IMX787, and IMX712 sensors were reportedly used in the Pixel 7a’s rear camera configuration, which was given the codename “lynx.”

    Google Pixel 7a Will Be Released Soon

    Unfortunately, the GN1 sensor is no longer included in the code, leaving only the “l10 wide” (IMX787) and “l10 UW” sensors (IMX712). In other words, the main camera of the Pixel 7a will utilize an IMX787 sensor, while the ultrawide camera will use an IMX712 sensor.

    The Google Pixel 7a has two back cameras, just like the Pixel 6a, but the primary camera on the 7a has a superior sensor (IMX363 vs. IMX787), which should result in better pictures. Additionally, the Pixel 7a supports wireless charging, something its predecessor did not. Its maximum charging speed, however, is only 5W. It is unknown whether Google will reinstate the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Pixel 7a, which was dropped from the Pixel 6a.

    The 3.5mm headphone jack was present in the Pixel 5a. Wojciechowski was unable to provide a source for the most recent significant update, but he did confirm that the future Google Pixel 7a will have a Samsung 90Hz 1080p display. Of course, this is all very exciting, and should all of the upgrades materialize, Google may have a respectably appealing mid-range phone on its hands if it can manage to keep the Pixel 7a’s price around $450.

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