Google To Be Selective With App Visibility & Installation

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    Google has now informed of its selective approach towards the apps available on the Play Store. This indicates that users will now not be able to see or install all the apps on Play Store.

    While reports suggest that the apps already installed have the innocent yet strong inclination of suggesting apps according to AI-based affiliations and preferences. These suggestions often follow the personal traits of the installed apps.

    As a result, from 5th May 2021 onwards, developers are going to offer good reasons for Google to let users access similar information on apps.

    Limitation On App Accessibility By Google

    The apps on Android 11 are presently asking for permission to allow visibility and access to the entire app list stored on the users’ devices. Even though Google has lately updated their policy of Developer Program and currently intending that information must be made user sensitive and personal. As a result, they are restricting selected types of apps to be allowed for usage.

    As soon as the change is actuated in May, only the apps asking for permission for their integral user-facing purpose or functionality will need broad visibility for installed apps in the device of the users. Additionally, the sample apps that will get permission to continue the usage including antivirus apps, browsers, and file managers will require data for interoperability and awareness purposes.

    Digital wallet, banking, and other apps which involve secure financial functionality will be getting a free pass through these security-related purposes. Also, the apps without any justifiable cause for getting permission are vulnerable to being removed by Google from the Play Store.

    The developers that vouch for permission need to submit a declaration form to state their purpose for using it. Google might possibly terminate or suspend developer accounts.

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