Xbox Mini Fridge Voted Winner By Twitter Poll Against Skittles

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    Recently memes had been circulating that were mocking the fridge-like appearance of the new console. However, for those of you who missed the chance of winning the real Xbox mini fridge, there is good news.

    Everyone will now be getting an opportunity to lay their hands on the brand new refrigerator launched by the X Series of Xbox. It is an advanced cooling appliance for the future time.

    Memes Help Bring Xbox Mini Fridge

    On 2nd April, Twitter had inaugurated the last round of brand Bracket through the hashtag under ‘Best Of Tweets’ in order to help Xbox in defeating Skittles. Aron Greenberg is the marketing boss for Xbox. He promised Twitter users that in case Xbox won them Microsoft will definitely be producing and introducing Xbox mini fridges.

    This promise first appeared to have immense potential for Xbox to get an edge owing to the reason that Xbox eventually did defeat Skittles. The results were clear on the morning of 2nd April, Friday according to which Xbox received 50.5% of the total vote.

    Microsoft appears to be making a reliable promise since Greenberg informed that they will take a step towards fulfilling their promise and producing the Mini Fridges on Series X of Xbox. The Twitter poll results clearly declared the winner within 3 minutes of the start of the battle.

    Many people were under the impression this might be an April Fool prank or a clickbait trick. However, it so seems that Greenberg and the entire Microsoft team are very serious about this new Xbox mini fridge product.

    We can safely assume that Microsoft might start the production within this year itself although there has been no official statement from the company as of yet.

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