Google To Make Its Own Chromebooks

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    Google produces laptops, you might have missed out on that action. If you are not a die-hard supporter of these platforms, you may have completely missed it. Google has created four distinct Chromebooks since 2013 with the aim of showcasing the OS to its maximum potential.

    Critics praised the Pixel (Chromebook), Pixelbook, and Pixelbook Go, but buyers mostly passed them over. A recent source claims that situation is essentially gone because no new Chromebooks produced by Google are currently being worked on.

    Google Focused On Hardware

    Google is currently concentrating on Android hardware as it expands the Pixel phoneline with its first self-branded wearable. Although the inexpensive Pixelbook Go is still officially on the market, it has been 3 years since its introduction.

    The drumbeat for Google’s Chrome-powered gear is “one costly gadget among a sea of cheaper ones.” Both the original CB Pixel and the Pixelbook were stunning and potent devices, but their asking prices were more than twice as much as that of the usual Chromebook with a focus on affordability.

    The Pixel Slate, the company’s sole tablet running Chrome OS to date, was placed as a rival to gadgets like the Surface Pro from Microsoft. The Slate, however, was a complete failure because of its subpar technology and functionality, which lagged well below that of its previous rivals.

    The Pixelbook Go was intended to have a more straightforward and affordable design with a typical form factor, but at 650 dollars, it was still significantly more costly than the entry-level laptops that make up the bulk of the market.

    In other words, it appears like the Chrome OS and Chrome hardware teams at Google aren’t communicating well. And if the information from The Verge is true, the latter is no longer actually a thing.

    The previous one is not doing so well, either: worldwide Chromebook shipments fell by more than 60% in the first quarter of 2022, following a remarkable sales explosion during the epidemic. Only 6% of the latest laptops were sold in the same time were running Chrome OS, despite Chrome OS formerly outselling Mac hardware and presenting a major challenge to Windows in the low-cost market.

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