EVGA Parts With NVIDIA

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    Listen to the unexpected: EVGA, which is the most well-known PC graphics card maker, is ending its long-standing partnership with Nvidia. EVGA is a beloved name amongst gamers for its high-quality components, dependable warranties, and strong customer support. Additionally, the business allegedly said that it will not pursue alliances with rival silicon goliaths Intel or AMD either. It appears that EVGA has had its fill of GPUs.

    GamersNexus Broke The News About EVGA

    GamersNexus and Jayztwocents, two well-known YouTubers, were the first to report on EVGA‘s apparent hasty decision to discontinue producing GPUs. People from both channels claim that EVGA staff members, including CEO Andrew Han, invited them to a meeting. According to reports, EVGA expressed at the meeting its desire and purpose to separate from Nvidia, citing a number of issues with the collaboration.

    Since Nvidia believes it is undercutting partners like EVGA by selling its own “Founders’ Edition” cards at a lower price, Han describes these spots as Nvidia’s unwillingness to share crucial info about the products with other partners before making the same information available to the people, often at the press conference. Additionally, partners feel that Nvidia simply does not value their business.

    The most senior managers decided to leave Nvidia back in April, but they kept their choice a strict secret. EVGA, a firm that is well-known and regarded for its excellent GPUs and dependable customer care, is exiting the GPU market but, according to reports, plans to continue operating. According to GamersNexus, it will not, however, be extending into newer product categories. Even though the company also manufactures and sells other PC parts, such as motherboards, casings, and supplies for power, the loss of its GPU business would probably provide difficulties for its 280 employees globally.

    According to Steve Burke of GamersNexus, they want to keep everyone employed by reallocating personnel to other projects. Since the business cut off 20% of its Taiwan workers earlier this year, numerous individuals whose main duties included GPU manufacture and research are now left without a clear thing to accomplish.

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