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Remix On Reels From Instagram Is The Latest Rival For TikTok Duet

Instagram has officially launched its latest feature named Remix on Reels, The feature is a method to record a Reels video while playing a different video posted by someone else.

It is identical to the Duets feature that exists currently in TikTok. TikTok Duets also allows users to react to as well as have an interaction with another user’s content while producing their own.

Hopes For Remix on Reels

The Remix on Reels feature was being tested by the public for quite a while now. As such, some Instagram accounts may already have access to the latest feature.

Along with Instagram, Snapchat had also been recently developing a similar feature for its platform. For now, Snapchat’s feature shares the same name as Instagram, “Remix” which will be its competitor to TikTok Duet.

TikTok Duets have been a significant part of transforming the app into more of a social network than just a platform for watching video content. Users have taken advantage of the feature to act, joke, dance, and sing to other user’s videos. Examples also include cooking a posted recipe and reacting to it, or watching smaller content creators to give them attention.

Instagram’s Remix on Reels is just one of the many TikTok Duet rivals that are currently aiming to tap into the market. These include Spotlight from Snapchat and Shorts from Youtube. However, these features do not have the same level of engagement and editing on offer that TikTok provides. As such, most of them are considered to be cheap imitations.

Through Remix on Reels, Instagram is making an attempt to address the issue. There is a new option called “Remix this Reel” in the options section of a Reel. On tapping it, the Reel and a space to record the user’s own version will be displayed on the side. The user can also adjust other aspects like volume and sounds before publishing.