iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Will Have A Better Selfie Camera

According to a fresh story out of Korea, one of the major enhancements coming with the iPhone 14 family this autumn might be the selfie camera.

Apple is rumored to be seeking high-end selfie cameras for its next-generation iPhones, and LG Innotek and Sharp are being considered. Apple’s future iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices may include a high-end selfie camera with built-in focusing made in South Korea. According to ET News, Apple has eliminated a Chinese supply chain partner and picked LG Innotek of South Korea for the new front-facing camera, according to AppleInsider. The new camera system is expected to be three times as expensive as previous iPhone front-facing cameras.

iPhone 14 Will Have A Better Front Camera Than Its Predecessors 

This would be the first time a Korean business has produced a front-facing camera for an iPhone. According to reports, Apple is redesigning selfie cameras to be high-end components rather than low-end like they were previously.

The LG Innotek camera was meant to be utilized on the iPhone 15, however, Apple just pushed the release date forward. This is due to some quality issues with Chinese-made cameras that were discovered during quality testing. As a result, the anonymous Chinese companies were kicked out, and LG Innotek was brought in to replace the iPhone 14 generation. At least, that’s how the tale goes in today’s unsubstantiated rumor, which you should take with a grain of salt only for that reason.

However, it’s high time for Apple to improve its selfie cameras. If this rumor is true, the selfie cameras on the iPhone 14 models will feature autofocus. The unit price of the iPhone 14’s front camera has increased roughly three times compared to prior versions, thanks to these and other improvements.