Apple VR Headset Can Become A Reality

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    Bloomberg reported that Apple had demonstrated a new Apple VR headset to its board. This product had been a rumor for a while and was in the development phase since 2015.

    We do not know what it looks like, currently, or much about its features.\

    It could be weeks, months, or even a couple of years before an Apple VR headset surfaces, but the takeaway is that the device does indeed seem to exist.

    The dip into virtual-reality hardware has been controversial within the company, with pushback and disagreements between Apple brass, including former Apple design chief Jony Ive. The upcoming headset uses both virtual-reality and augmented-reality tech, and while Apple is also expected to announce a pair of AR-only glasses someday, they’re not as far along.

    The Apple VR Headset Can Stir Everything Up

    When the Apple VR headset comes out, it will likely shake up the wearable VR ecosystem. 

    Today that space is largely dominated by Meta’s Oculus goggles. Meta has made a big fuss with its metaverse marketing, pitching us on a dazzling cyberpunk future. Still, Meta’s gone all-in on its AR and VR ambitions, all the while hemorrhaging $10 billion on its metaverse efforts.

    But when Apple releases something, it’s usually a big deal. And this will be the first truly new Apple thing since the Apple Watch. It certainly seems to be setting up a showdown between the mega consumer tech companies, with Apple and Meta going head-to-head to entice people to their VR visions. 

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