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LG Mobiles Are Closing Down In July, LG Has Announced

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LG Mobiles

LG Mobiles were the flag bearers of an era. However, the company that was once a giant in the business has decided to call it quits on its mobile business. LG has reportedly struggled against the competition in the hands of Samsung, Apple, and other Chinese brands.

LG Mobiles Could Not Hang On

On 4th April, LG became the most recent legacy phone model maker to exit the sector. The announcement claimed that the mobile handset sector is incredibly competitive presently. LG Mobiles had reportedly failed to assert any kind of dominance in the market that is currently in the hands of Samsung, Apple, and fast-growing Chinese manufacturers.

South Korean-based LG Mobiles will be closed before July ends, the parent company stated. In place of smartphones, LG will now shift their attention to making smarter general products for homes. LG is one of the biggest companies in this particular sector. The company also said that components for electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, robotics, products connecting businesses, and other related devices will be on the agenda.

The decision by LG to pull down the shutters on LG Mobiles is a reflection of the struggles that many companies are facing currently. Samsung and Apple have been the only two companies that have resolutely turned profits from smartphones. However, even those two have faced struggles periodically.

Customers are not replacing their phones as much anymore. Moreover, less expensive options like the Galaxy A series from Samsung are much more popular and lucrative than the premium flagship models.

LG Mobiles have gone a better way than Blackberry and Nokia, other pioneering companies in their eras. Those two only exist as other companies like HMV and TCL market their models under those names.

Unfortunately, the end of LG Mobiles also potentially mark the death of the innovative LG Rollable which was supposed to have a fully resizable screen.