Logitech Plus Trip: The Phone Mount Ticks All Requirements

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    Driving a car needs attention and focus from the driver. As such, a proper phone mount is essential for the driving experience. The Logitech Plus Trip is reportedly a trim and efficient solution for such needs.

    Phone mounts are needed to keep physical interactions with phones to a minimum. It is supposed to be simple and will provide safe and quick access to hands-free communication, navigation, and music.

    Logitech Plus Trip Overview

    The car mount has a small size and can be attached with magnets. Its main purpose is to keep handsets in a fixed place so that they can be easily accessed and viewed. The price tag for the mount stands is $6.90. It comes in only one color variant which is gray with the outline metallic.

    The box includes a vent mount and two magnetic plated with adhesive on the back. Devices are attached using these plates. It also has cases for smartphones and other goodies. 1.38 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches are the dimensions of the Logitech Plus Trip and it weighs only 0.05lbs.

    Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The Logitech Plus Trip is elegant in its small size. The design of the device makes it nice to have around as an accessory even if not used. Moreover, the device does not clutter up an already limited dashboard space. It simply attaches to the car vent which also doubles as a cooler for the attached smartphone.

    The magnet eliminates the hassle of physically clipping in the smartphone whenever one enters or exits the car. Although it is not very powerful, it does the job. Reviews have tested the strength even through a 2mm leather layer.

    As for the cons, the vent mount might not be satisfactory for everyone. Moreover, users will have to attach the magnetic plate to the phone’s back which can also be irksome. Most importantly, the magnetic plate can interfere with any system for wireless charging.

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