Logitech Lift Is A Must-Have Vertical Mouse

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    The Logitech Lift MX Vertical Wireless Mouse, which we believe to be one of the finest wireless mice for iPad, was previously released. However, several customers have noted that the MX Vertical is only comfortable to use if you have very large hands. In light of this, Logitech has released the Lift mouse, a revolutionary vertical mouse. Logitech has released the Lift vertical mouse, which is meant to provide users with a comfortable experience when working for long periods. The mouse may be held in a natural handshake posture, which relieves wrist strain.

    Logitech Lift Is Revolutionary

    The Logitech Lift is angled at 57 degrees, with all of the required buttons and scroll wheel in an accessible place. Although it is shorter than the MX Vertical, the mouse is 2.8 inches tall. It features a textured surface that makes it easier to handle for extended periods.

    It contains the standard left and right-click buttons, as well as an extra center button, as well as forward and back buttons. The scroll wheel, which is located between the left and right-click keys, may be used to conduct operations by pressing down on it. The Logitech Lift mouse’s DPI may be adjusted in 100-step increments, ranging from 400 to 4000 DPI.

    The Logitech Lift is a wireless mouse, just like its predecessor. It can connect to up to three devices through Bluetooth at the same time, and users may switch between them using a button on the mouse’s rear. The Lift, unlike the MX Vertical, is powered by an AA battery that comes with the package. According to Logitech, a single battery can power the Lift for up to two years. It works with macOS 10.15 or later, as well as Windows 10 and 11.

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