Apple App Store Eliminating Outdated Apps, Facing Complains from Developers

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    Apple App Store has always been a trusted and safe place for iPhones, iPad, and iPod users to discover apps. Apple never failed to cater to the requirements of the users having more than one million apps. It meets the standards for privacy and security and content.

    Developers have been recently receiving a warning email from the Apple App Store. The Email had been titled “App Improvement Notice”. 

    Apple App Store facing backlash from developers on social media. The developers are using social media platforms to launch complaints against the app store. 

    This policy of the app store is coming out to be threatening and harmful for game developers. One of the game developers shared a snapshot of the email received by him from the app store regarding the policy of removal of outdated apps.

    Apple App Store Schedules Outdated Apps To Be Removed In 30 Days

    Apple App Store has asked the developers to remove old applications from the app store. It specifically targets apps that haven’t been updated in a significant amount of time. The developers have been given a time of thirty days. 

    The page of improvement of the app store states that they are currently analyzing all the available applications. The authority at Apple stated that they will be getting rid of all the unwanted and non-functional apps. 

    Out-of-date apps are also expected to face the heat. Applications need to be up to date with all the recent guidelines and policies. 

    A major reason for Apple taking this stand is its long history of lack of trust from the consumers. The app store Apple has previously faced controversy on several occasions. Apple was sued by the Netherlands earlier for a hefty $50 million following a romantic app fiasco. 

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