MKE 400 From Sennheiser Gets A Usability Update

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    Sennheiser is rolling out quite a few new microphones intended for creators with normal phones and cameras. This includes an updated MKE 400, its popular shotgun microphone that can also be mounted on cameras.

    The MKE 400 And Other Additions

    The latest MKE 400 has received quite a few upgrades to its previous version. It now has a windscreen, a furry sock for wind, a headphone port built-in, and automatically turns on and off with the camera. For extreme breeze, a wind blocker is also included free of cost.

    Firmware-wise, the MKE 400 is now compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and phones better. Both the TRS cable for cameras and the TRRS cable for phones are included. The new built-in jack for headphones should let the user monitor the sound even while using a phone.

    The latest features are a bid from Sennheiser to better fight the most recent version of Rode mics. However, all these updates prove to be a drain on the battery. Sennheiser claims that the older version could run for 300 hours on one AAA battery. The new MKE 400 lasts 100 hours with two AAA batteries. However, the price tag did not change which stands at $199.95.

    Another addition is the new XS Lav microphones. They are designed to be attached to shirt collars or lapels. This could prove useful if the user wants better audio without a huge microphone.

    The Lav mics come in two variants. One comes with a TRS plug with 3.5mm in length. The other possibly more popular variant is the USB-C, which supports phone and computer usage without needing any dongles.

    The 3.5mm variant retails at a price of $49.95 while that USB-C variant has a price tag of $59.95. All three devices can be purchased together as a kit. It would cost $30 extra but Sennheiser will include a clamp mount for phones and a small tripod.

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