instax mini 40

Instax Mini 40 Looks And Performs Like A Classic Blast

Fujifilm has released their latest offering for the Instax Mini series, the Instax Mini 40. Identical to the Mini 11 of 2020, this model is a beginner’s camera that comes with two buttons and two settings. However, it is unique in its classic design that recreates a vintage look faithfully.

The Instax Mini 40 Is A Camera For Instant Fun

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 40 comes at a price tag of $100. True to the instant camera line, it will create instant pictures. The look of the camera is made vintage with a leather lookalike body made using plastic and plastic rails painted in a metallic shade.

The mechanics of the Instax Mini 40 are more or less the same as the Mini 11. A single silver button that cannot be missed turns the device on. Simply pushing the lens into the camera will switch it off. The device is mostly made of plastic which makes carrying it easy and light.

The camera has two settings for shooting: one for normal and one for selfies. The mode for selfies focuses on objects closest to the camera. No other adjustments can be made to the camera. A film sheet unique to the Instax Mini will be printed by the camera on firing the flash.

The camera, however, may raise environmental concerns with how much plastic is present in each cartridge of the photo film. Each cartridge can take 10 pictures. The company, though, has marked it as recyclable.

The Instax Mini 40 produces unpredictable results in the absence of any viewfinders. As such, reviews are positive with the sheer amount of joy the camera brings when used light-heartedly. The camera is not meant for serious technicalities that come with professional photography.

It is possibly too expensive for a toy at its price tag, especially when the Mini 11 is only $70. However, coupled with the old school look, the instant camera does its part when it comes to enjoying recording memories without stress.