NerveGear Will Kill Users If Tampered With

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    On November 6, in the realm of Sword Art Online, hundreds of innocent players were entrapped in a virtual world and were forced to battle for their lives. Fans of Sword Art Online are celebrating a significant day, and it appears that Oculus creator Palmer Luckey is the biggest SAO enthusiast.

    In addition to waxing lyrical about Sword Art’s story in his blog, Luckey also mentioned how Sword Art helped the Oculus Rift transition from cutting-edge technology to THE popular VR device. 

    NerveGear Creator Wants To Replicate SAO

    Prior to being dismissed in 2017, he also acknowledged having a mural of Kirito (the main character from SAO) in the Oculus headquarters.  But it’s obvious that Luckey’s devotion to Sword Art Online goes beyond merely partaking in fan service. He wants to create the machinery that makes the world of Sword Art feasible. That entails developing NerveGear, a headset that really immerses the user’s mind in a wholly virtual environment. Luckey gave both good and terrible news when a fan questioned if he’d ever make the NerveGear.

    Luckey remarked, “The great news is that we are halfway to building a genuine NerveGear. “The bad news is that I have only so far discovered the portion of it that kills you. The equation’s perfect-VR component won’t be available for many years.” In the manga and anime, NerveGear’s evil engineering imprisoned the user in-game reality and, if they ever died in-game, used radiation to fry their brains.

    Luckey’s NerveGear is a functional model since it still has the potential to kill the user while impairing their ability to fully experience a virtual environment. Additionally, rather than using a microwave to cook your gray matter, it employs three explosive charges to blow off your skull. Of course, this is not a flawless method, Luckey said.

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