Z690 Motherboards The Answer To 13th Gen BIOS Updating Issues

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    Raptor Lake is intel’s codename for the 13th generation of Intel Core Processors based on a hybrid architecture utilizing Raptor Core performance cores and Gracemont power efficient cores. Intel launched its 13th Generation CPUs on the 20th of October 2022, alongside the Z790 motherboard.

    Though they are very fast but are quite expensive also. Intel has found a solution to this by suggesting that consumers should use last-gen 600 series Z690 motherboards. The Z690 motherboards also use LGA 1700 socket which is required for Raptor Lake to work on. The performance should be more or less okay as the cooling properties and the power delivery are more or less the same on the Z690 motherboards. So it will work as well as it will on a 700 series motherboard.

    Z690 Motherboards Need To Install The Latest BIOS Flashback

    The catch is all motherboards of the 600 series will support the new Raptor Lake Chips in theory but in reality, some of the Z690 MB have to be updated with a new BIOSto recognize the 13th Gen processors. If they write BIOS is not installed the computer will not work. 

    The major motherboard makers of the world MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and AsRock were questioned if Raptor Lake will be compatible with their motherboards. They said most Z690 motherboards will do so. They have BIOS updates available with Alder Lake assistance of the 12th Gen. after the update is done booting can be done with the 13th Gen Raptor Lake Chip.

    It is best to use a BIOS flashback if a 600 series motherboard is being purchased. The flash drive will help to update the latest intel. Though there are many Intel 600 series motherboards along with BIOS flashback being sold in the market at a discounted rate, mainly AsRock B660 Pro RS, Gigabyte B660, Wi-Fi D4, and Asus RDG Strix B660 are some of the best.

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