Nintendo Switch Pro Dropped

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    The “Switch Pro,” the subject of years of speculation, is supposedly no longer in production, which suggests that Nintendo’s next hardware will serve as a suitable substitute. Since a few years ago, there have been several rumors circulating that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be the name of a more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch that will also reportedly handle 4K images.

    Some have speculated that the Switch Pro may eventually go on sale in 2023, despite Nintendo’s explicit denial of its existence. 

    Nintendo Switch Pro Will Not Be Released

    One theory states that it will be released at the same time as “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” However, the most recent information on the legendary system indicates that Nintendo has canceled development; as a result, it would not even be available until 2023. According to John Linneman of the Digital Foundry, who claims to have heard from many developers, a mid-gen upgrade for the Switch had previously been planned. He hasn’t specified why Nintendo decided to abandon those plans, but he makes the assumption that whatever the company’s next system is, it will be a Switch replacement.

    Linneman claims in a retrospective video that he thinks there was once an internal mid-generation Switch update planned, but that it no longer appears to be happening. He bases this on what he has learned from talking with other developers. The obvious conclusion is that whatever they develop next will be gear that truly represents the next generation, he continued. As usual, Nintendo continues to remain incredibly secretive about its next gear. However, as some have hypothesized in reaction to comments made by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, the upcoming console might not just be a Switch 2.

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