Nvidia Introduced Trap Of GPU Pricing Due To Pandemic Time

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    40-series Cards of Nvidia RTX along with 3 new cards have hiked prices to an astonishing $900. On the other hand, some of the RTX 4080 12GB ROG version has almost touched a massive 4-figure amount. 

    This huge price hike is a result of external factors as well as dedicated PC gamers who are willing to pay any amount to get hold of the best and latest graphic cards offered by Nvidia. Along with these factors, the latest system prices are unimaginable and extremely tempting for gamers. Money seems to be pouring at the moment. 

    Nvidia Gamers Eager To Pay Huge Prices 

    RTX 4090 was launched during the Special Broadcast of GeForce Beyond event. This massive graphics card is going to be available to users on the 12th of October. However, the price is going to be a whopping $1,599. 

    It is not as surprising since RTX 3090 from 2020 was less by a mere $100. RTX 3090 of Ti that came during Pandemic Special was $400 less. This does not cover the fact that the whole lineup of Nvidia cards RTX 40-series has a starting price of $900. 

    Gamers Lining Up And Hoarding In Pandemic 

    Several reasons including excellent performance, problems with supply chains, increasing crypto mining and home orders throughout the pandemic lockdown have spiked Nvidia prices. Now that Nvidia is easily getting gamers willing to pay soaring prices, there are certainly disappointed about the average pricing of RTX 3080. Primary Lovelace GPU will soon get launched and will definitely get sold out at $900 or more. 

    Despite the competition, Nvidia cards seem to be the first option for gamers. RTX 30-series seems to be a favorite and will be around for longer. It can be anticipated that RTX 4060 might be priced at a starting of $450.

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