OnePlus Watch May Give Samsung & Apple A Run For Their Money

The OnePlus watch may have a surprise drop. And it may surprisingly take Samsung and Apple for a run with this wearable. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has features limited to its battery-life. The wearable is an accomplished one. The functions here have a list of names like measurement of running, workout, steps counting, monitoring blood oxygen, heart rate measurements, among others. The watch can also help in controlling PowerPoint. Things often get overwhelming with it. And it is a little too, Samsung. 

But rumors mention how OnePlus watches may dodge these problems and get to the point. 

The OnePlus Watch

There are a couple of leaks when it comes to the OnePlus wearable watch. One of them is the issues it will be targeting. The regular list, like others— stress, monitoring heart rate, blood saturation, and sleep monitoring. But there is also something that may stand out. Not the auto-detection of workout. But even the charging. The technology will help charge the wearable for about a week in just 20 minutes! 

It sounds too promising. But it also is a big one— more for a debutant in the game. The claim of charging can always be debated. But one cannot deny the list of features is more than just exciting. What’s more? Just the price. Because wearables by OnePlus have been affordable— always.

Their headphones are examples of it. They did face issues with the sound. But what OnePlus promised, it gave— incredible battery life as well as fantastic price. Here, smartwatches and headphones are entirely different. But scopes always expand whether going the wrong way or right. Apple and Samsung have wearables that are too expensive, too functional. And slashing prices of the product can be the antidote to this competition.