Parler’s CEO Said That He Was Fired

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    John Matze, the Chief Executive Officer of the social media application popular amongst right-wing, Parler was reportedly fired from his position. The news comes after several reports of the application as a haven for racists who reportedly spread several violent messages and instigations. The application was allegedly one of the social media networks used to promote the Capitol Riots that created havoc in the country. 

    Through a memo that was passed on to the employees, a news source got their hands on, the now down Chief Executive Officer of Parler said that the board had terminated his position. John Matze noted that the board, led by a certain Rebekah Mercer, had decided to “immediately” remove him. He also said that he was not a part of this decision. The termination came in on the 29th of January, about a week ago. Parler was also forced offline from Amazon Web Services that hosted the website of the social media firm after the Capitol Riots. This also followed a court battle, which was in favor of Amazon. 

    John Matze’s Statement On Parler’s Decision

    The ex-CEO said that he now understood that the people who controlled the application (Parler) had reached out to employees and other “third parties.” This, according to him, had created confusion and made him make a public statement. Over the past couple of months, he said, he has faced “constant resistance” due to his vision for the website and how the management of the same should be. This also included his advocacy for “effective” approaches to moderate the content on the social media hub.

    The discussions about violence as well as guns and other armed weapons were pretty frequent on Parler, ahead of the riots. The application saw a surge in downloads before the event happened. After that, following Amazon, Apple, and Google stores booted the application as well.

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