Facebook Has Temporarily Been Restricted In Myanmar

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    Facebook-owned several applications and websites have been banned on a temporary basis in Myanmar. This was followed after the country’s military rammed and took over the power in the nation. The coup took place early in the week, according to several reports that have given insights. MPT, they said, the internet provider of the nation, as well as the telecommunications firm Telenor Myanmar blocked Facebook and several others that come under the tech-giant’s holdings. This also included WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, among others. Neither of the national firms has responded for a comment. 

    The country in Southeast Asia has restricted any use of social media, especially Facebook, after the Biden Administration called it a military coup. The providers have been doing it plainly to comply with given orders. Their apparent reason for such a shutdown is to contain the spreading of untrue information. This was announced in a letter that was posted on Twitter. The shutdown, according to the letter, was from The Ministry of Transport & Communications. 

    Facebook’s Reaction To The Temporary Ban

    A spokesperson from Facebook said that the firm was aware of the ban on the flow of the social network. In a statement following that, the woman also further stated that they urge the authorities to lift off the ban. They stated their reason being so that several people in the country can reach out to their families and relatives on the social network. It could also be used to share “important information.” 

    Facebook has previously been criticized for not holding on and controlling the misinformation that could have resulted in violence. Investigators from the United Nations said that the tech-giant “played an influential role” in spreading speeches of hate.

    The Embassy of the country in Washington did not respond to it.

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