Parler Silent On Capitol Hill Violence; Apple, Google Remove The Social Media App From App Store

News about Google removing the social media app, Parler, from its Play Store came this Friday. Following this move, Apple has also taken a similar step by removing this microblogging app from its popular App Store. The reason for these tech giants to cut ties with this social media app temporarily is its unwonted silence on the issue of the Capitol Hill violence that shook America.

Apple has stated that it has taken the step of removing Parler owing to the accusations that this social networking app was encouraging more violence during and following the “insurrection” on the Capitol Hill by Trump supporters.

In a statement issued by the smartphone giant on Saturday, January 9, it mentioned that Apple has always embraced diverse viewpoints to be represented on its App Store. However, the company refuses to continue relations with a platform that promotes violence or illegal activities.

Apple Removes Parler App; States Cause As “Insufficient” Action Against Capitol Hill Violence

Elaborating further, it said that the social media app has failed to take immediate and adequate action to contain or stop the propagation of violent messages or life threats following the shocking assault on Capitol Hill. Apple mentions that until these issues are resolved and more stringent steps are taken by the company, the Parler app will be unavailable from the App Store.

Prior to this drastic step on the part of Apple, the company had also put out an ultimatum asking Parler to remove the violent content still available on the platform. It further noted that those content are in violation of the company’s policies, and demanded a plan of action moving ahead. The social media app had a 24 hours’ notice to resolve these issues, failing which Apple decided to remove the app from its virtual store.

According to the latest news, Parler had proposed a few changes. However, those were declared “insufficient” by the tech giant before taking the drastic measure.