Pitch For A Silent Hill 2 Remake Has Been Leaked

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    Rumors of the latest Silent Hill game were not at all verified when Konami lodged a strike against a prior leakage. That leak appeared to be from a new Silent Hill based in the UK since it contained concept drawings signed by art director M. Ito.

    There have been reports that Bloober Team, the polarising company behind Medium and the Layers of Fear series, is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake.

    A collection of photos purportedly from a demo prepared by the Team as a piece of the pitch to obtain the remake has now surfaced. The lower resolution images represent Silent Hill 2 hero James Sunderland investigating buildings in the third person, with the 3rd displaying a nurse, who is one of the game’s trademark antagonists.

    Multiple Camera Angles In Silent Hill 2

    The Silent Hill 2 original had a variety of camera angles, some static, others following James from a high viewpoint, and others tight and claustrophobic. These pictures’ over-the-shoulder viewpoint implies something with more fixation, in the vein of the latest remakes of RE 2 & 3, which would be a great influence for a newer version of a horror game from the similar era.

    Though it was scrapped, there was a proposal for Silent Hill 2 to incorporate unscripted interactions with Pyramid Head, similar to Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X.

    Another image, purportedly showing art for the new version, has been making the rounds as well. It shows James grabbing a revolver while hiding from Pyramid Head. This Pyramid Head appears to be based on Figma’s Red Pyramid Thing figure, which has a gunshot hole in its faceplate, and is a tribute to the famed scene in Silent Hill 2’s Wood Side Apartments.

    Masahiro Ito has stated that Pyramid Head does not have a hole in its helmet, therefore this does not appear to be his creation. It’s also difficult to notice anything else after you’ve noticed James isn’t wearing socks. Of course, that doesn’t rule it out as early concept art. Even if these photographs are authentic, there’s no reason to expect the final game would resemble them if they’re from an internal pitch.

    Since Bloober Team collaborated on The Medium alongside composer Yamaoka and vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, it would be fantastic to look at them come back for a newer version.

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