VAPORESSO XROS 2: The Only Pod Vape To Receive 2022 Red Dot

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    The distinctive XROS 2 series of vaping brand VAPORESSO has long been renowned in the vaping world for its attractive look and dependable operation.

    It is of no surprise that XROS 2, series’ star, was recently chosen by a jury to earn a Red Dot award for aesthetic and functional design in 2022. The honor was especially more significant given that it was the only open pod-inculcated system to win in 2022.

    XROS 2 Is Not Just About Designs

    “A decent vaping device shouldn’t only be about appearances,” claimed an XROS 2 ID team spokesperson. “We know our customers want more.” VAPORESSO’s team adheres to the promise that this product should be visually appealing but also simple to use. The ultimate product is an pod gadget with an optimal blend of looks and functionality.

    The XROS 2 deviates from previous VAPORESSO product design aspects like the screen and 3-colored power light. It has been replaced by a new battery indication display made up of four discrete light sources. The idea is straightforward: Every light represents 25%, all 4 indicate full power, whereas only one indicates 25%. The secondary purpose of the tiding indicator, on the other hand, is more intriguing. When dragging the XROS 2, the light group will glaze up in response to the user’s pull, much like a tide. Overall, the minimalist tiding display is delightfully straightforward, attractive, and useful.

    The XROS 2 ditches the traditional 3-slot design in favour of a redesigned water drop-shaped air entrance, giving users more exact control over airflow. Users may now adjust airflow to provide the best presentation of flavour, regardless of resistance levels in various pods or individual preferences. In keeping with user tendencies, the air inlet is located on the device’s back, and the airway may be readily altered by rotating to the right or left.

    The body design of the XROS 2 is a piece of diverse workmanship that strives to be tactilely and aesthetically appealing. The lightweight body is made possible by CNC aircraft-grade aluminum, with color gradient anodizing, imaging, and cutting techniques resulting in a finished product that is both visually beautiful and pleasant to grip.

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