Pixel Watch Pictures Leaked 

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    A Reddit user recently shared the new look of the Pixel watch as it was strapped to an individual’s wrist. Incidentally, the Reddit user had also previously shared the alleged images of the wearable that Google was supposedly bringing out. In the previous pictures, we were only witnessing a little computer puck- and not how it would look attached to a strap. While the Reddit user didn’t successfully boot the device just yet, they did provide us with an idea of how the device might work when booted. 

    Pixel Watch Pictures Leaked By Redditor

    According to tagtech’s Reddit Post, the strap for the Pixel watch was definitely quite painful to attach the very first time. But, once attached, the connection felt pretty solid. Based on the images as well as the description of the Reddit user, the strap felt like a soft silicone with good flex- which didn’t seem to be showing fingerprints or oil stains too badly. This would remind one of the Apple Watch- except that this was a little bit narrower. The Redditor also mentioned that the band of this watch was around 20 mm wide, which was narrower than the 22 mm Apple version. 

    Incidentally, the Redditor also commented on the comfort that the Pixel watch exuded- stating that it did feel like it was not even there. They also pointed out that the crown of the watch didn’t poke even when the wrist was bent back or when the individual was typing. 

    While it is quite plausible that the watch that the Redditor leaked was the legit Pixel Watch, the story of how they came by seems pretty suspicious. The Redditor went on to claim that a friend had found the device at a bar and gave it to them.

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