Plex Has A New Premium Feature

Plex, a widely used video streaming platform, recently introduced a new feature that allows users to easily skip the credits after their favorite episodes and movies. When this option is on, a “Skip Credits” button displays at the bottom of the screen as soon as the credits begin to roll. Happy news junkies: Plex’s newest addition, Credits Detection, lets you fast-forward through commercials in movies and TV shows without having to manually click through each one. Activated on Wednesday, Credits Detection will enable a Skip Credits button for a wide variety of players, including those for Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, macOS, Windows, Xbox, Roku, and more, as detailed in a blog post published same day.

Plex Has A New Feature

If you have used Plex before, you know that the service automatically skips the opening sequences of the series with many episodes. When a movie or TV program is credited or the outro sequence begins, the new Skip Credits function will activate, allowing you to skip to the conclusion of the credits or any secret mid-credit sequences if they are there. While the new technology is more advanced, it advises that the skip button may not always be visible. According to them, the Skip Credits function is enabled by default for all library items saved on a Plex Pass user’s Media Servers running version 1.31.0 or later, and it works automatically for any free-to-watch material it delivers.

The support website has a complete list of player applications that work with them, as well as information on how to modify Credit Detection (including turning it off and manually assessing video for credits). Our preliminary testing revealed that the Skip Credits option is accessible on some material, albeit inconsistently; for example, an iOS app watching a movie detected the end credits but not the beginning.