Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 Gets Android 13 Update

The first significant operating system update for Nothing’s first mobile device, Nothing Phone 1, is about to be released. 

Nothing OS 1.5 has been in beta development as an Android 13 skin since late 2022. Users who have been beta testing Nothing OS 1.5.2 have started posting on social media sites like Reddit and Discord to announce the release of the final, stable version.

Nothing Phone 1 Is Getting Android 13

Nothing Phone 1 has added several features since the beta’s first release, including a weather app with the brand’s characteristic dot-matrix user interface. The QR code scanner from the quick settings menu and the privacy enhancements to the photo picker are both features that were widely anticipated for Android 13.

But, quicker app loading times are likely to be the most anticipated improvement for those who possess a Phone 1; particularly, Nothing promises that applications will launch up to 50% faster. CEO Carl Pei told Android Authority that the business has expanded its in-house engineering team since the release of the Nothing Phone 1. This might be the consequence of a move from external to in-house developers. They were able to make the system “smoother and more reliable” by abandoning the externally produced source.

Phone 1 users who were not invited to the beta program will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the latest features. There do not appear to be any upgrades for devices still on the prior stable release; my review unit is the same. Beta testing for Android 14 has begun.