Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Will Allow Players To Ride Legendaries As Motorcycles

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    Nintendo held a Pokemon Direct presentation on August 3, 2022, providing 20 minutes of helpful and engaging gameplay information. The most recent trailer for the next game did not disappoint, showcasing new features, the number of gyms, and “Paldean forms”.

    For example, one of these new features was extremely intriguing. To clarify, the player truly receives their legendary in the beginning, but it is just utilized as a horse to travel. The Pokemon Company’s Chief Operating Officer Takato Utsunomiya presided over the Nintendo Direct and provided a wealth of information on their next games. 

    Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Will Release Soon

    The major revelations from the franchise’s numerous games included Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Characters from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were shown utilizing the legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon as bicycles at the Nintendo Direct. The two legendary figures were also depicted developing wings and ascending to the air. The legendary figures moved with ease across the hardest mountains, through the roughest seas, and even though the heavens. Even while both legendary figures have wheels, only Miraidon utilizes them while Koraidon walks instead.

    The video claims that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Koraidon and Miraidon will serve as the player’s allies in the future open-world role-playing game and have the ability to transform into different forms at any time to traverse any terrain. It is presently unknown when players will be able to use these legendaries’ fighting abilities, but they will be available right away to make traveling through the game much simpler. The video also displayed a variety of other information, including the fact that there are eight gyms in the game and that there are three primary tales to explore. Since the universe of Scarlet and Violet is entirely open, players are free to navigate it in any way they choose.

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