Ring Pro 2 Offers The Latest In The Home Security Department

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    The Ring Pro 2 is soon going to hit the market. The doorbell has a price tag of 249.99 USD, however, it is equipped with all the technology that can possibly aid with beefing up personal security.

    Specifications Of The Ring Pro 2

    The video doorbell has 3-dimensional motion sensors that it uses to track and predict the path a person can take to get to the doorbell. This will let the user know well beforehand of anyone or anything approaching with precision.

    The camera gives crisp and clear videos that cover the sky from the ground through a fish-eye lens. However, reviews have pointed out that the Ring Pro 2 has some difficulty working with its integrated Amazon Alexa. The feature is supposed to let Alexa answer anyone at the door. Moreover, the hefty price tag means it is only for those who are extremely serious about their security.

    Reviews have claimed that it is the best in the business with a 1536p camera and far more sensors than any other product. The Bird’s Eye View and the 3D motion system are unique to the Ring Pro 2. Competitors like other Ring models or Nest’s Hello do not have the comprehensive view provided by the wide fish-eye lens.

    The video doorbell however is exclusively hardwired. Moreover, it is compatible with any existing chimes. The most important requirement is that there must be a 16-24V doorbell transformer.

    The Ring Pro 2 comes with an app from Ring that will guide the user through the entire installation process. Of course, a decent level of confidence in one’s skills in electrical wiring is required for the part of the physical installation of the doorbell.

    Reviews have given an average time of 15 minutes for the installation. The app will then take care of the rest. However, the Amazon Alexa integration does not really know when to turn off and can use some tweaks and upgrades.

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