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Riot Games Loses Its Director To Bungie

According to the former director of Riot Games’ Valorant, Bungie is his “new home.” Along with David Nottingham, who served as the creative director for Valorant, Joe Ziegler was one of two directors on the project.

According to reports, Ziegler is also the one who oversaw the creation of Valorant. He said that the concept for the game originated from discussions with other Riot Games designers about what the company may work on in addition to its smash hit League of Legends.

Ziegler had hoped to use the studio’s practical experience with live service games to build a tactical shooter that was both friendly for beginning players and also feasible for professional players.

Riot Games Director Chose To Quit

The extensive claims of sexist male Valorant players and the dubious anti-cheat software, which has users concerned about their personal information being shared, have been the only significant complaints from players so far. With these reservations set aside and a player base of roughly 15 million, one could argue that Ziegler’s goals for the game have been achieved. Because of Valorant’s popularity, Ziegler’s announcement that he would be leaving the game at the end of 2021 was unexpected.

To provide the players with new “things,” Ziegler has since announced on Twitter that he has begun working for Bungie. This news is still a little unclear because “things” was used instead of “new projects” or “new Destiny content.” But given that Bungie has reportedly been working on a third-person shooter, it’s possible to assume that Ziegler will be working on something altogether new.

Ziegler hinted that he will maintain a tight relationship with the developers currently engaged in the Valorant IP after resigning as the company’s director. The change to Bungie, though, could signal that this is no longer the case. Ziegler will succeed at Bungie with his twelve years of experience at Riot Games and the success of Valorant behind him.