Robot Dog Koda Can Sense Emotions

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    Robot dog by Koda is just as much a social dog as a natural one. Koda is an artificial intelligence dog. It can climb stairs as well. But what really makes him stand out among even the real mutts is that it is socially interactive. It understands as well as expresses the emotions of human beings. The phrase, man’s best friend just got a lot bigger in meaning! 

    There are several robot dogs in the market out today. But their artificial intelligence does not compare to Koda. The AI in this one is created as such that it is not just interactive but also reactive. It can sense several emotions from its owner. It can detect sadness, happiness, or excitement as well. And processing that, it reacts in an efficient way. The artificial intelligence structure of the Koda dog is decentralized. 

    What Can Robot Dog By Koda Do?

    The robot dog by Koda has a wide range of things that can be covered and done by it. It can be a guard dog or a seeing-eye one. The infrastructure of its AI lets it complete tasks, process challenging problems, and solve them as well. He is also capable of learning new skills to add to these features

    Blockchains are used in Koda’s robot dog’s artificial intelligence build-up. Blockchains are used to record and store information. It is what makes it really challenging to hack into it. And blockchain never holds all of the recorded data in a single, central storage. Hence, it is popularly known as a decentralized AI. Unlike the internet, which connects all of its data to a single network, blockchain spreads it across the series of computers stored within. 

    Thus, Koda’s decentralized artificial intelligence dog is not just meant to learn new information and interact accordingly with its owner. It keeps it safe. It is a computing dog with 3D cameras. The minimum price for a robot dog is $45,000. 

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