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Sims 4 Scrapes Inappropriate Content In Its Gallery

Unfortunately, it’s probable that the “inappropriate content” this version alludes to turned to become a recent flurry of posts in the gallery that are antisemitic and racist. These modifications to the profanity filter are likely intended to address the increase in racist content that Sims 4 has seen as the game became free to explore and play, according to Sims Community.

Sims 4 Removes Vulgar Images

Like its coffee, EA prefers its vulgarity to be filtered. It makes sense, then, that the latest version of The Sims 4 had scrubbed the game’s gallery clean of “wholly unsuitable stuff” and updated the profanity filter to deter users from adding objectionable material in the future.

According to the update on the blog of EA’s official Sims 4, which states that the game’s crew has investigated and made necessary updates to the profanity filter to avoid this from occurring in the coming future gain. They state that they’re conscious of and have witnessed a few select incidences of totally unacceptable subject matter that was uploaded to The Sims 4 Gallery.

The post does not actually dive deep regarding the outbreak of objectionable content prior to advising players to watch out for further in the future, which is unfortunate because there is no shortage of offensive content in the Sims. Perhaps users were posting memories of the bug that caused Sims to desire intimate relationships with their family, or perhaps all were overly enthralled by the WooHooing of werewolves. There are countless options.

The Sims has had a successful year. In addition to letting us all recognize the most uncomfortable and lanky periods with the release of the High School expansion pack in July, Electronic Arts also unveiled The Sims 5 in October. Currently operating under the codename “Project Rene,” little is known about it outside a brief gameplay clip. Though it’s still very early in progress, do not feel disdained if you invest a lot of money on Sims 4 DLC. It will continue to remain the most recent version for some time.