Sonos Roam Brings Top Quality At An Inexpensive Price

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    The Sonos Roam is the cheapest and most compact model from Sonos yet.  It has a nominal price tag of $169. However, it is among the best wireless mini speakers available on the market now.

    Specifications Of The Sonos Roam

    The Sonos Roam is described as the ultraportable speaker that has the best sound performance ever made. As per reviews, and in comparison with similar speakers, the claim seems to have been true.

    The device comes in two colors: white and black. The Sonos Roam is also the company’s cheapest and smallest speaker. However, the price is still a bit too high for a wireless mini speaker. The model’s connectivity is similar to the Sonos Move. As such, both WiFi and Bluetooth are supported. Also, the speakers are completely compatible with other Sonos speakers from Series 2 as well as any existing multi-room Sonos systems for audio.

    The device has a classy look. The matte finish is smooth and clean. The Sonos Roam is also unexpectedly small and weighs only about 430 grams. It comes with rubberized end caps that are shock-resistant and durable. It is also water-proof till 1 meter for half an hour and can be easily placed in showers.

    The speaker has a unique feature in that it can detect when the home WiFi is not in range. It will automatically switch to Bluetooth when that happens. However, reportedly, the switching is a little finicky for Android phones.

    As far as sound quality is concerned, the speakers produce a more natural, fuller sound with satisfactory clarity and much more bass than its rivals.

    The firmware and software from Sonos for the device are easy for novice users. However, voice assistant integration can cause some hiccups over WiFi connectivity. Sonos has promised future firmware updates.

    The device comes with wireless charging and USB-C, but no power adapters are included in the package. A minimum of 10W is required for charging. The battery lasts quite comfortably for 10 hours for Bluetooth connections. 

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