Windows 11 Introduces New Redesigned File Explorer

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    Microsoft will add tabs to Windows 11’s File Explorer with a new design that makes it quicker to explore folders and discover favorite files. The much-anticipated tabs feature was first seen in Windows 11 beta releases last month, and Microsoft is now formally announcing it at a Windows 11 hybrid work event today.

    Tabs for navigating numerous folders in a single window and the ability to move tabs around have been added to the revised File Explorer interface. Support for Tabs is included in File Explorer. However, Microsoft scrapped the project and never released it to Windows 10 customers.

    Windows 11 Will Allow Tabs To Be Pinned On Screen

    In addition, Microsoft is introducing a redesigned File Explorer interface that contains the standard Quick Access folders, recent documents, and a new favorites option. You’ll soon be able to add a file to your favorites by right-clicking it, and it will be pinned on the File Explorer homepage. Even file sharing has been enhanced, with a redesigned share dialogue that allows you to send to current contacts or applications like Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive.

    However, it’s unclear when we’ll see this upgraded File Explorer. Microsoft is only previewing it as part of a slew of upcoming Windows 11 enhancements, and the firm hasn’t committed to a release date.

    The updated File Explorer, like many of Microsoft‘s new Windows 11 features, might be included in a monthly update.

    The Focus function has been enhanced. There’s a new do not disturb mode that’s quite self-explanatory, as well as an integrated attention timer. You’ll be able to choose how long you want it to stay in that manner. Microsoft does not specify when these new functionalities will be available. It’s fair to infer that additional functionality will be included in Windows 11’s next feature update, which is expected to release this autumn.

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