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Xgimi Mogo Pro Is A Portable Projector That’s Light On The Pocket

xgimi mogo pro

The Mogo Pro from the house of Xgimi is a projector for Android TVs. It comes equipped with sound technology from Harmon Kardon. It also has 5000 apps installed on boot-up and can project a 100 inches tall image.

Usually, portable projectors stand out when it comes to compromising on features and image quality. As such, few ever meet users’ expectations. However, sometimes in a blue moon, a product does surface that meets all the expectations and ticks all the boxes. The Xgimi Mogo Pro is one such example.

Xgimi Mogo Pro Is An Exception

Xgimi’s Mogo Pro is almost six inches in height. It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that can keep it running comfortably for four hours. The Harmon Kardon in-built speakers have a great audio performance. Reviews have reported that the loudness is sufficient for a bedroom. However, the experience will be compromised in a larger setting.

Similarly, the projection is not bright enough to stand out in a well-lit room. However, the Xgimi Mogo Pro’s image quality is outstanding for most portable projectors. The brightness, though, comes from a mere 300 ANSI lumens LED light source. That still sets it apart from the others but it does imply that dimmed or lowered ambient lighting is recommended for the proper experience.

Xgimi Mogo Pro’s most exceptional feature that differentiates it is the native 1080p support. It does what it claims and puts out a proper 1920×1080 px resolution image. Most other projectors claim the same but they can at most support sources of 1080p and manage only a low-resolution output projection.

The device runs on the Android TV OS, which is the nearest to Roku and being the best operating system for streaming. As such, it is gorgeous and easily navigable and has all the major streaming apps that are characteristic of Android TV.