Among Us Brings A New Map And New Customizations In Latest Update

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    Fans of Among Us have a cause for celebration. The extremely popular multiplayer game for mobile is set to have a brand new map that will be free as well. The name of the map is Airship. The update will also include free new hats like ice cream, chocolate, angry eyebrows, a rubber glove, and a heart.

    The Airship Arrives In Among Us

    The new map in Among Us will feature over 12 rooms, brand new tasks, and ladders. It will also have a new gameplay feature, the player will have a choice as to where they will start on the map. The map comes with a purchasable Skin pack of the same name that has three skins (one comes with a special kill animation) and 13 more hats.

    The Among Us game is deceptively simple. It involves playing as a crew member with a maximum number of 10 players. As a crew member, the player’s task is to keep the ship flying by doing a list of tasks. However, an alien has killed and replaced someone in the crew. It is a parasite and can shape-shift. The objective of the alien is to kill the remaining crew without getting caught before the crew completes all their tasks.

    The game is that this alien impostor is identical to all other players. The impostor can also sabotage parts of the ship to delay or distract the crew and can move through vents. Since a player will be playing it, the impostor can lie and frame someone else in its attempt to fulfill its motive. As such, the crew members will have to figure out the identity and keep themselves safe from the impostor as well as themselves to win the game.

    Among us had its release back in 2018. However, in 2020, it really picked up during the lockdown, mainly due to Twitch streamers. It is free on the App Store and Google Play store, while the PC version costs $5.

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